Lone Star Love

Every five years, since its 25th anniversary in 2008, NT celebrates by putting together an anthology. In 2008, the chapter published Love, Texas Style and in 2013, Deep in the Heart of Texas hit the e-readers.

In 2018, Lone Star Love will be the next title in the anthology series. If you are a current or former member of NTRWA, you are invited to submit a story for consideration.

In years past, stories have been written based solely on the indivdual author's whim or idea. This year, we're going to try something different: a continuity. All stories must take place in the town of Dew Drop, Texas during the four days of the annual Iced Tea Festival.

Antholgy Information and Requirements

All stories must:

Submission Info:

Your characters can be residents or visitors of Dew Drop or both.

All sub-genres of romance are welcome, except erotic. In order to make the anthology as all-age appropriate as possible, the heat level—aside from the August temperature—should remain PG-13 or less. The Continuity Committee reserves the right to request revisions to heat level at their sole discretion.

Submissions will be accepted from February 18, 2017 through January 28, 2018. Depending on the number of submissions, multiple volumes may be published and will contain up to ten stories each. For example, if we receive eighteen stories, each volume will contain nine stories. If only eleven stories are suitable for the anthology, we'll endeavor to include all eleven in a single volume.

Each story will include a title page (including the heat level rating), a dedication page, and story text.

You may submit up to three stories.

We ask that you be willing to share your characters and locations with others participating in the project. For example, if your hero is the local mechanic and owns the local service station/garage, we ask that other authors be able to mention and/or interact with your characters and places of business FOR THIS ENDEAVOR ONLY.

To coordinate names/jobs/busnesses, etc, a spreadsheet will be created and made available to those interested in participating. If/when you create something you're willing to share, please use the submission form to make the details available to all participants. For example, Michael Duncan, quarterback for the Dew Drop Devils, senior in high school, works at the bowling alley, Dew Drop Lanes. For more information about Mike, contact Mary Sue Author at marysue@marysueauthor.com.

Welcome to Dew Drop!

Dew Drop Information

—the iced tea capital of Texas. Founded in 1867 by Virginia settlers and originally called New Hampton, the town changed its name to Dew Drop in 1947 although it didn’t celebrate its first Iced Tea Festival until 1983. The festival was held as a way to raise funds to build a Vietnam Veterans memorial. A high number of Dew Drop men and a handful of women served their country during the conflict.

The festival was so successful, the town opted to continue the tradition and now donates 90% of all profits during the four-day festival to a military charity. This year’s charity is the Wounded Warrior Project.

Each year, during the second weekend in August, Thursday through Saturday, the town welcomes close to 10,000 visitors. We hope you'll join them.

Dew Drop is located in the southeast quadrant of Palo Pinto County, Texas, in the southeast corner of the I-20 and FM 4 intersection.

Highlights of the Festival include:
(please feel free to add events to the festival)


Some organizations and businesses of Dew Drop include:
(feel free to use them or come up with your own)

Let us know you're interested!

Submit characters, locations, or events here.

View the characters, locations, or event spreadsheet here.

Map of Dew Drop