Great Expectations 2013 Winners

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Series Contemporary Category

Shana Smith ~ Editor with Harlequin Books

First: The Wedding Deception by Amanda Barber (full manuscript requested)

Second: Second Time Around by Katalina M. James (full manuscript requested)

Third: The Resort by Tami Lund

Fourth: Buried Threads by Kaylin McFarren

Fifth: One More Time by Catherine Cervantes

Erotic Romance Category

Kelli Collins ~ Ellora's Cave

First: Onyx by CT Green (full manuscript requested)

Second: Her Guardian by CT Green (full manuscript requested)

Third: Three Weeks with a Sheik by Casea Major

Fourth: Secret Sin by Lisa McKinney

Fifth: The Horse List by Anna Moder

Historical Category

Mallory Braus ~ Carina Press

First: Fool's Gold by Caril Davis (full manuscript requested)

Second: The Lost Chord by Suzanne Turner (full manuscript requested)

Third: Secrets and Sapphires by Diana Walker

Fourth: The Tin Man's Heart by Laura Huskins

Fifth: Edward Rochester: The Master of Thornfield by Nancy Hurst

Inspirational Category

Becky Monds ~ Thomas Nelson

First: In the Light of Day by Kristy Cambron (full manuscript requested)

Second: A Virtuous Ruby by Piper Huguley (full manuscript requested)

Third: Edward Rochester: The Master of Thornfield by Nancy Hurst (partial manuscript requested)

Fourth: Knowing Hope by Stacy Monson

Fifth: Love's Forgiving Heart by Katherine McDermott

Mainstream with Romantic Elements

Emilia Pisani ~ Simon and Schuster

First: Unforgettable by Carrie Christie

Second: The Day the Merry Go Round Stopped by Orly Konig-Lopez

Third: The Duel Catherine Lawrence

Fourth: Love Sick Love by Barbara Flores

Fifth: Divide and Conquer by Carmen Fox

Romantic Suspense Category

Libby Murphy ~ Entangled

First: Not Quite Legal by Christina Elle

Second: Her Unreasonable Doubt by Anne-Marie Carroll

Third: Shadows at Midnight by Kelli Carlson

Fourth: Fighting Fear by Jo-Ann Carson

Fifth: Starting Over by Brenda Roberts

Single Title Category

Sue Grimshaw ~ Random House

First: Second Time's the Charm by Vanessa M. Knight

Second: In Too Deep by Tracey Alvrez

Third: By Proxy by Katy Regnery

Fourth: Audrey's Promise by Susan Sheehey

Fifth: Gravity by Julie Dove

Specialized Category

Deborah Nemeth ~ Carina Press

First: The Sins of Madeline Montgomery by Wendy Gray (full manuscript requested)

First: Guardian by Tara Sheets (full manuscript requested)

Second: Her Guardian by CT Green

Third: Shift Happens by Jasmin McKenzie

Fourth: Other Than by Mia Celeste

Fifth: Jazz's Cubs by Nancy Corrigan

Young Adult Category

Erin Black ~ Scholastic

First: The Abolishionist's Daughter by Gigi Orlowski (full manuscript requested)

Second: Awakening by Lori Freeland (full manuscript requested)

Third: Dethroned by Beth Burgoon

Fourth: Charming Cassandra by Michele Griskey

Fifth: Macha and the River Blue by Barbara Gerry


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