Meeting Information

NTRWA meetings are held on the third Saturday of each month at the La Hacienda Ranch Restaurant in Colleyville, Texas. Guests are welcome to visit two times before being asked to join.

La Hacienda Ranch Restaurant

5250 Highway 121 (on the southbound side frontage road, just south of the Hall-Johnson exit)
Colleyville, Texas


10:00 a.m. ~ doors open
10:30-11:30 ~ business meeting
11:45-1:00 ~ program and optional lunch


Meeting directions or call 817-318-7500

La Hacienda Web Site Locations

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2015 Programs

November ~ no meeting

December 12, 2015 ~ Annual holiday get together

January 16, 2016 ~ Roni Loren, From Closed Doors to Chandelier Swinging: Writing the Perfect Love Scene For YOUR Book, Whether you're writing sweet, sexy, or melt-the-pages romance, no one wants to write love scenes that have readers skimming the pages. Learn tips and tricks on how to write different types of love scenes, how to make them memorable, how to tailor them to your genre, the components of a great love scene, and how to get past any oh-no-my-mother-might-read-this qualms.

February 20, 2016 ~ Angi Morgan, Just Answer the Question: Editors or Critique Partners...when should you listen to them?

March 19, 2016 ~ Laura Drake, Balancing Backstory, We need backstory in our novels. It deepens our characters, illustrates who they are, and how they came to be that way. But we’ve all heard about ‘backstory dumps’ and how they can bog down a read. So how do you tell the reader what they need to know, without writing the parts they skip? It’s a delicate balance, requiring subtle technique. Laura will give you the tools you need to craft fully-rounded characters that your readers will love - without all the baggage.

April 16, 2016 ~ TBA

May 21, 2016 ~ Pam Dougherty, audiobook narration, details coming soon

June 2016 ~ TBA

July, 2016 ~ TBA

August 2016 ~ TBA

September 2016 ~ TBA

October 2016 ~ TBA

November 2016 ~ no meeting

December 2016 ~ Annual holiday get together


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