NTRWA Membership Payment

New Membership Application

Returning Membership Application

NTRWA has a prorated membership rate for new members. When applying for membership between January and June, please select the $30.00 option. When applying for membership between July and October, please select the $15.00 option. There is no meeting in November, and we invite you to be our guest in December and join in January for the full year price.


Renewing members should always choose the $30.00 option. A renewing member is anyone with a lapsed membership of less than one year.


Please select the membership option that best applies to you.

NOTE from the IRS & RWA National: "Dues are not deductible as a charitable expense but may be deducted as a business expense, according to the IRS."


New members applying from January through June: $30.00


All RENEWING members at any time of the year: $30.00


NEW members applying from July through December: $15.00