A note from our president, Jen FitzGerald

February 2012

Happy February, Chapter Mates—

I loved Sally Felt’s presentation at the January meeting. Thank you, Sally, for the topic, and thank you, Nikki, for scheduling her. What I learned is that what I’ve been doing in private—a short series of stretches/exercises each time I use the restroom, especially the cross-body toe touches—provides the added benefit of opening up the connection between right brain and left brain and allowing the writing to really flow. I thought I was just stretching and getting my muscles moving and my blood flowing since I sit at a desk all day. Who knew?? Well, obviously, Sally did, and now, I do too. Even more incentive to keep doing it.

So now what? I’ve been trying to write this column/letter/whatever for a week now. And I might have gotten it done, only we had major catastrophe with one of our clients and I have worked pretty much five days straight at this point (with a break to visit the chapter’s bank to change bank signers and a quick lunch with those ladies). In addition I’ve had to deal with a child who’s failing French (and possibly other subjects) because he’s so worried about a) how to spend more time with his girlfriend or b) how to complete/beat the next level of whatever xBox game he’s playing. That’s over, let me assure you. I am on him now like white on rice.

And while mentally and emotionally, I’m pretty well spent, physically I’m doing okay. I get my sleep and my exercise without (much) fail and I’ve been eating well even in the midst of chaos.

No matter what’s going on in your life, take care of yourself and you can get through it. One day at a time, one issue at a time. Hope to see you on the 18th.


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