A note from our president, Jen FitzGerald

March 2012

As we head into March, let me ask you how you’re doing on your goals.

One of my goals this year is to take at least one online class per quarter. Sometimes it seems that even though you do learn something, you realize it’s not really the thing you hoped to discover to make your writing easier. But I’m only halfway through the class. And of course, the reason I chose that class has little to do with what I consider one of my major weaknesses.

One of my other goals is to become PRO! Yes, it’s only taken me eight years to get my butt in gear. But this is the year I finish a manuscript and do it. Yep, it’s true, after all these years in NT & RWA, I’ve never actually 100% percent finished a manuscript. Those of you not yet PRO—don’t wait that long!

To that end I’ve been working diligently for several months now, determined to get one of my many almost completed stories done. Keep your fingers crossed for me—I get distracted easily, though I’m trying really hard to stay focused. At least on this one thing, while in other areas I change tasks and stories as the mood strikes.

So how about you—how are doing on those goals?

In my January column, I mentioned the need for some help.

So firstly, thanks so much to Kim Quinton, Christine Crocker and Kim Miller for serving as our Audit Committee and showing up early to February’s meeting to go through our treasurer’s books.

Secondly, thanks to Heather Long and Kim Quinton for taking on the 2013 Great Expectations Contest.

Thirdly, Nikki Duncan volunteered to head up the 2014 Texas Two Step Conference Committee. We appreciate her hard work on the 2012 conference and know that the 2014 conference will be even better.

And lastly, we haven’t gotten any additional takers on the 30th Anniversary Committee. Our president-elect, Michelle Welsh is the interim chair and Angi Platt is the charm bracelet/writing incentive coordinator. Other than those two ladies and moi by default, that’s it. If you have any ideas or are interested in joining the committee, please e-mail Michelle at presidentelect@ntrwa.org.

Before I sign off, remember our 2012 conference is at the end of the month. It’s going to awesome. Nikki and Tracy and the gang have done a bang up job. Spread the word, time’s running out!

See you on the 17th~



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