A note from our president, Michelle Welsh

January 2013

Ready for the New Year?

The New Year is here, a time to reflect on the past year and set goals for the next one. When I sat down to write this first message of my term as President, I couldn’t help but remember my first meeting five years ago. I was nervous, not sure what to do or where to sit. Everybody seemed paired up and I was an outsider.

I got lucky.

Two members walked up and introduced themselves and insisted I sit between them. One of them gave me an extra ticket and I won a door prize. By the end of the meeting, I was ready to fill out the membership form and pay my dues.

The welcoming attitude and feeling of family lured me in and kept me coming to NT for the next four years. When my other life got rough, NT was my respite. It was the one place I could go where I could talk to like-minded people and discuss a variety of subjects without thinking about my day job. Writing became a lifeline, a gateway to fun, and NT’s members kept me sane while I started writing after a twenty year hiatus.

As 2013 begins, I’m hoping that family atmosphere continues to build. Come early and introduce yourself to someone new to the group. I know I tend to gravitate to the same friends every meeting, but I plan to find a new member, or potential new member, at each meeting in 2013.

Volunteer some time. If you’re too busy to commit to a Board or Chair position, consider offering a critique or beta read as a door prize. And don’t be shy. (I know, there are very few shy people at our meetingsJ.) Think of a strength you can share with the group.

And don’t forget to write every day. Tone those creative muscles until the words burst off the page and have a life of their own.


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