A note from our president, Michelle Welsh

April 2013

Wow. How awesome was that party?

Thirty years of romance is an amazing milestone, but not nearly as incredible as the number of people who participated in the Book in a Year program. We have great members endowed with talent and perseverance and resilience.

The toughest of the three is the last: Resilience.

The ability to cope with adversity is a cherished trait to everyone in the writing business. We pour our heart out onto the virtual pages of our computer, hoping our words will touch a reader (preferably an agent or editor).

Sometimes we win. Sometimes we lose.

But we always start again.

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy the process of writing. I get excited about new characters and fret about what kind of torture I’m going to inflict on them. I work hard to put together an interesting story with a little humor and some steamy love scenes. The only drawback, for me, is hitting that send button when I’m finished.

The dreaded ‘Thanks but no thanks’ rankles.

At least, mine comes in the form of an email or letter. Think about what actors go through. Would you like to stand in front of an agent or editor while they read you partial?

And I’d hate to be that editor or agent.

When that email comes in, the one you dread, remember the strength of your convictions. Be resilient. Bounce back and start again.

Don’t forget about the goals you set at the March meeting. Keep them in mind as you work, and we’ll revisit them in April.

Happy writing!


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