A note from our president, Michelle Welsh

June 2013

It’s hard to believe June is already here. I keep expecting the temperature to soar into the hundreds and melt everyone into puddles of sweat and goo, but it hasn’t happened yet. Not sure why. Maybe it’s the Zombie Apocalypse, or global warming, or alien invaders waiting to lull us into complying with their every directive. Who cares, as long as I have Internet service, a word processing system to write my stories, and a never-ending supply of romance novels to keep my spirits up.

Ah, well. Back to the business of writing.

From a look at the sheets members fill out at every meeting, it appears we have a large number of romance writers living among us. They’re determined to see their work published, be it in hardback, paperback, or digital. They want to be read. They want to be heard. They want to be paid!

With copious amounts of their beverage of choice (whatever libation it might be), they are writing happily ever after stories involving shape shifters, mythical creatures and plain old human beings.

The world we live in is a scary place. Danger is everywhere. Disasters happen and lives are changed or taken away. Forever isn’t always happy.

If one of our little happily ever after stories can help someone escape from the rough texture of their everyday life for a few hours, we’ve done our job.

Let’s do it well, my friends.


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