A note from our president, Michelle Welsh

December 2013

The holidays are here! The holidays are here!

Oh, good grief, Charlie Brown! That can’t be possible!

Unfortunately, it is true, and I’m not ready.

I don’t think it’s possible to shop for holiday presents with my hands glued to a laptop, but I’m willing to try. I suppose I could convince my darling hubby to come with me (and maybe pay...) but I’d have to agree to a few contingencies. We’d have to shop at sporting goods stores and gun stores and boat stores, and maybe a woodworking store. The man has too many hobbies, while I have two. Writing and Reading. Oh, I guess I can add shopping. And NT meetings.

This holiday season will be busy, so I’ve started early. My sons aren’t on board yet, but I managed to convince them to fetch the first batch of decorations from the attic. Not Christmassy, just winter greenery to modify the look of the house. (I should probably add decorating to my list of hobbies.)

Today, while it’s eighty degrees outside and I wait for the next arctic blast, I’ll rearrange the furniture and reflect on days gone by.

I’ve had a lot of jobs over the ?? years and by far, writing has been the most fun. It’s given me the opportunity to inhabit places and situations I’d never try in real life and the opportunity to meet wonderful people along the way. NTRWA and all its members have given me a place to stretch my brain and my imagination. I can only hope I’ve given back in some way.

Everyone has a story and not just the one they’re writing. The diversity of our group is what keeps us all moving forward with our lives and our dreams, leaning on each other when we need a helping hand and then supporting the next person who needs a boost.

Have a great holiday season and don’t forget to write.

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