A note from our president, Angi Morgan

Angi Morgan is the author of Intrigues where honor and danger collide with love. She combines actual Texas settings with characters who are in realistic and dangerous situations. Her debut Harlequin Intrigue, Hill Country Holdup, is her Golden Heart winning manuscript and also an RT & Booksellers’ Best Award nominee.

May/June 2015


As writers, we dream of the day we hear, “I loved reading your book!” We have book signings, parties, wine tastings. Online or face-to-face, hearing those words makes your day. And of course, the dreaded words or inconsiderate reviews destroy us just as easily.

I’ve only been published for five years. There’s only eleven books out there with my name on them. But someone recognized my name at the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention this year. And something ecstatic happened… A total stranger (to me) brought two of my books into the signing for me to sign. Yes, already read copies from home traveled to Dallas to get my little ol’ autograph. I was floored again when Rose Marie stopped by. I’d given her a book on Thursday. She read it and bought three more on Saturday. Fun. Super Fun. Terrific Fun.

Readers are the reason we write. What do they want? More good books. The fans I meet love my writing. It’s the ones that don’t that put a downer on my day. Yes, bad reviews. Seriously…why bother to put negativity in the world. But I have left a bad review myself (hotels & restaurants). But that’s about service, not an interpretation of work. Oh wait…there have been one or two movies that I wouldn’t recommend to friends. Everybody has an opinion.

I’ve often wondered if I write better or worse because of a review. Wait again…um…NO I HAVEN’T. Each book is written to the best of my ability. I hope each is getting better. Fans love ‘em. Or they don’t. I can only hope they give each book a read. Plain and simply put…they’re entertainment that I hope leaves an emotional impression. A crowd of people isn’t ever going to think the same about a subject. Period. As a writer we thrive on that principle when we create, but forget quickly when someone criticizes.

If you’re stewing over a bad review… I hope you give yourself a couple of minutes and then move forward. If you’re elating over a great review… Use that as encouragement for the next chapter. If you’re watching your daily sales… Well…guilty every once in a while. If you’re still working on that first published work… Finish the damn book so you can angst like the rest of us.

Enjoy the process, the finished product, and the people who LOVE your writing!!


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