A note from our president, Angi Morgan

Angi Morgan is the author of Intrigues where honor and danger collide with love. She combines actual Texas settings with characters who are in realistic and dangerous situations. Her debut Harlequin Intrigue, Hill Country Holdup, is her Golden Heart winning manuscript and also an RT & Booksellers’ Best Award nominee.

August 2015


Well ladies and gents, it’s time to form the 2016 Board of Directors who will be working with Suzan Butler (President-Elect). The Board must be formed by the end of October. Our President-Elect chairs the nominating committee. If you’d like to serve (we need two people), please contact me or Suzan.

We have several positions open…especially treasurer. This is a position required by not only National RWA but also by the state of Texas. You can’t have an organization like ours without three people: President, Secretary and Treasurer. Unfortunately, Jen FitzGerald can no longer be our secretary as of 2016. She’s here for the transition, but can’t hold the office. Some of you know that Jen and I have pretty much been passing this baton between us every two years for a while. Sorry folks, this is one position that I’m unwilling and shouldn’t take next year.

As the bylaws are currently written (and delegated by national RWA), the Treasurer does NOT have access to the bank accounts. My reason for not taking the position is not due to time constraints but for consistency. It might better serve the chapter if I have access to the accounts during the transition to the new Board and can train new members.

So what exactly does the treasurer do?

Quite honestly, this is a very easy board position. And we need a person unafraid to take it on and work with Suzan.

Please think about it. Talk with Jen or myself … and definitely speak with Suzan.


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