A note from our president, Angi Morgan

Angi Morgan is the author of Intrigues where honor and danger collide with love. She combines actual Texas settings with characters who are in realistic and dangerous situations. Her debut Harlequin Intrigue, Hill Country Holdup, is her Golden Heart winning manuscript and also an RT & Booksellers’ Best Award nominee.

October 2015


I’ve been asked several times this year if I plan on participating in National Novel Writing Month. The answer is that I have a deadline on December 1st, so that means I’ll be writing a book in November. HOPEFULLY…it won’t ALL be in November. I don’t want to admit that I just did that in 33 days…wrote a book I mean.

Yes, other people write faster than me. But 33 days was pretty much a record for Angi Morgan (speaking of my writer self). I was exhausted and seriously want to write a reasonable amount of words every day instead–and take weekends off. A steady stream of words is better for me: physically and mentally.

Have you found your pace? The correct amount of words on the page each day that keeps you writing the next?

NaNo might be for you. It offers a lot of encouragement and challenge. It might help you keep that inner editor quiet so you can finish the book. Unfortunately, my editor doesn’t shut up AND that works for me. It’s my process. The words I put on the page pretty much stay there, tweaked a bit, but they work.

So find what works for you, write as fast or as slow as you need. Just Keep writing!


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