Spotlight On...

Audra Lewandoski

by Regina Richards

Audra Lewandowski (ďLeven-duskyĒ) has been writing for about a year. She joined NTRWA in October 2013 and writes erotica under the pen name Mia London.

Welcome Audra, thanks you so much for agreeing to be the NTRWA Spotlight for March 2014!

Sharing about yourself and your writing journey gives all the members of NTRWA a chance to get to know you better and deepens our sense of community. We truly appreciate your willingness to step into the Spotlight and we canít wait to hear all about you!

So letís get straight to it. Plotter or Pantser? And why?

Pantser- definitely. I find it hard to follow a direct path or outline. Plus I see scenes in my head so I simply write them. Whether I use them for my current WIP or not is irrelevant. I feel the need to write it down, so I do. I have a separate document for scenes Iíve written, and phrases or words I like. Often when I write, I will refer to it, especially when Iím stuck somewhere in my book and need just the right word or phrase.

Do you have a favorite quote you feel helps inspire you?

ďIf you think you can, you can. If you think you canít, youíre right.Ē

Any domestic stuff you care to share?

I have one husband, two children and one dog.

What would the other members of NT be surprised to know about you?

I am a big greenie. So much so that I started an outdoor green expo that takes place in Southlake Town Square every year. About 2,000 people attend to get their green on!

Any writing eccentricities you care to share?

One thing I learned while writing is that I see a scene like a movie. And in my mind, I almost always place the front door, kitchen, family room in the same relative place. If there is a scenic view, it is almost always on the left, for example. Itís downright weird.

If we popped in on you during your writing time, where would you be and what would we see?

I change up where I write. I have an office, but lately itís been the kitchen table. Needless to say with a 12- and 9-year old in the house, if I walk away, I close up my (password protected) manuscript.

If you could invite two writers to share a retreat with you, who would you invite and why?

Jasmine Haynes is perhaps my biggest erotica inspiration. I love most everything she writes. I donít think I could narrow down the 2nd one. They are so many I like, for a variety of reasons.

Thanks so much, Audra, for sharing your writing journey with us!


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