Spotlight On...

Suzan Butler

by Regina Richards

Suzan Butler wrote her first historical romance when she was just sixteen, but didnít begin writing for publication until 2011. She joined NTRWA in February 2012 and published her first novel in late 2012. She writes under the names Suzan Butler and S.M. Butler.

Welcome Suzan.

Weíre so excited to have you in the Spotlight! We canít wait to hear all about you! So letís get right to it.

What genres do you write in?

Adult and new adult contemporary romance, romantic suspense, military romance. I dabble in fantasy and YA, but havenít published in those categories yet.

Plotter or Pantser?

Iím a Hardcore Pantser. Most of the time. There have been aberrations in the fabric of the world in which I may have plotted something on purpose.

Any domestic stuff you care to share?

Well, I have two boys on the verge of being teenagers, and a dog (a boxer) that listens to me more than they do.

If we popped in on you during your writing time, where would you be and what would we see?

Most of the time, Iíd be sitting at my desk wearing a geek shirt and yoga pants. My dog would probably be passed out on my bed and I would be surrounded by huge messes of some kind. Laundry, paper, candy wrappers... Maybe a combination of all those...

How has being a writer changed the way you experience the world?

I think I analyze things a whole lot more. Iím asking myself WHY things are happening, as opposed to just accepting that theyíre there. I want to know everything. I watch people a lot more than I used to. I watch peopleís reactions, their body movements. People have always fascinated me, but I think as a writer, they fascinate me more.

What is your go-to solution for writerís block, that sure-fire thing that takes you from stuck to full steam ahead?

I donít believe in writerís block. I know if I stall out then itís because I took the wrong turn in the story. So, I usually backtrack a little and figure out where I veered off. Now, if Iím having trouble being creative at all, then I have a small shelf of favorite authors that I know will refuel me and leave me ready to write all the things.

Please share a little about where you are now in your writing journey.

I have one story with a publisher. A short story. Other than that, Iím self-published and very happy with it. By December 2014, Iíll have published 10 titles in the last two years under two pen names.


Do you have a favorite quote that inspires you?

ďYou canít edit a blank page.Ē I know, itís been done a lot, but that quote sits on my computer, reminding me to work every day.

Finally, any writing eccentricities?

I think most people know about my writing tiara. When I really need to focus, I do put it on. My kids laugh at me, but it works.

Suzan, thanks so much for agreeing to be the NTRWA Spotlight for SEPTEMBER 2014! We truly appreciate your willingness to step into the Spotlight!


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