The Carolyn Readers Choice Award, 2014

Judge Information


Entries will be judged in two rounds: first round and final round.

Judges will receive and may read the complete book, but for contest purposes, we ask that you fill out the score sheet after reading the first thirty pages and before finishing the book.

Judges will receive books in PDF format. Please make sure you can accept and read PDFs on your devices.

We ask that first round judges read no more than five entries if they are all in one category, six if youíve mixed categories.

Final round judges may read one to three entries.

Judges will be able to choose the categories, book length, and heat levels of preference.

Please fill out an application for each category, including the number of entries you would like to read in that category.

Please remember that while coordinators will strive to send you entries that meet your requirements (category, length & heat level), entries have not been vetted beyond the entrantís description and category, length and heat level choices. Should you get an entry that you feel unable or unwilling to judge fairly, please contact the coordinator immediately so another judge may be assigned.

Please note: You may receive Advanced Reader Copies. Please understand that these versions may contain errors that were corrected prior to the official publication of the book. Please DO NOT mark down the book for these errors that the author has no control over.




If, at any time, you don't think you'll be able to read and judge any or all of the entries sent to you, please contact the coordinator immediately so that we can assign new judges.


All lengths of stories, 10K to 110K, will compete in these nine categories.

Book Length

Entries will be separated into the following length brackets:

Heat Levels

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