Yellow Rose Award Winners

The Yellow Rose Award is the highest honor bestowed by the chapter. This winner was nominated because he or she went above and beyond the call of duty that year. Each winner receives a lovely rosebud pin, a $25 gift card, and a certificate.


Angi Morgan, 2013 Yellow Rose Award Recipient


In 2013, Angi served as NT's treasurer, Great Expectations Contest coordinator, as well as handling the charm bracelet/writing incentive program.

From the nomination: "I would like to nominate HER because not only does she work hard she makes everything she does fun." Tish Sanders

From the nomination: "Angi goes above and beyond to help out fellow chapter mates and in the process, sacrifices her own writing time to make sure things get done. The writing incentive charm bracelet program was a great motivator to myself and others to reach their writing goals." Vicky Green