2005 Great Expectations Winners

2005 Great Expectations Contest Winners


Mara Sorkin ~ Pocket Books

First: Forever Yours by Janmarie Pizzanello

Second: A Kiss Before Midnight by Tami Cowden

Third: Lady Patriot by Laurie Hahn

Fourth: A Kiss Before Dawn by Tami Cowden

Fifth: To Be A Countess by Omolara Biggs

Long Contemporary

Laura Shin ~ Silhouette Books

First: Trust Me, Trust You by Ellen Hartman {requested)

Second: Leap of Faith by Sharon Calvin

Third: Out of the Ashes by Sharon Calvin

Fourth: Love By Bequest by Anne Sugden

Fifth: Forever Kind of Guy by Carol Burnside

Honorable Mention: Riding For A Fall by Katie McGuinness

Short Contemporary

Anna Corey-Watson ~ Silhouette Books

First: Angel In Training by Kimberly Duffy (requested)

Second: Maggie’s Makeovers by Lee McKenzie McAnally (requested)

Third: Affairs of the Heart by Patricia Vermeire

Fourth: Sweet Surrender by Yvonne Harris

Fifth: Forever Her Hero by Kimberly Duffy

Romantic Suspense

Serena Jones ~ New American Library

First: The Ritual by Cassondra Murray (partial requested)

Second: Murder, Mayhem and Mama by Christie Craig

Third: Finding Trouble by Laurie Kellogg

Fourth: Oracle by Liz Roadifer

Fifth: Stolen Moments by Andrea Geist

Honorable Mention: No Forever Promises by Sandra Ferguson

Single Title

Melanie Murray ~ Warner Books

First: The Cook and the Playboy by Edie Ramer

Second: Iron Rainbow by Yvonne Harris

Third: No Promises by Doris Rangel

Fourth: Fool Me Once… by Sherry Davis

Fifth: Passion’s Cup by Donna Gimarc

Specialized ~ Futuristic/Fantasy/Time Travel/Paranormal

Louisa Edwards ~ Berkley/Jove

First: By Any Other Name by Shannon Canard (requested)

Second: Dead Girls Are Easy by Terri Garey (requested)

Third: The Relic’s Gift by Cheryl Alldredge

Fourth: Once Bitten, Never Shy by Sharie Kohler

Fifth: Telling Time the Heart by William Haggart

Steamy Hot

Kathryn Lye ~ Harlequin Blaze

First: Private Dancer by Tami Cowden (requested)

Second: Destination True Love by Carla Willard

Third–tie: Tempt Me by Linda Ingmanson

Third–tie: Who’s On Top by Darese Cotton

Fourth: Beauty & the Billionaire by Kelle Riley