2007 Great Expectations Winners

2007 Great Expectations Contest Winners


Tessa Woodward ~ Editorial Assistant, Avon Books

First: A Wicked Disguise by Anke Fontaine

Second: Mesquite Tree by Kaki Warner

Third: Sager’s Passion by Elaine Levine

Fourth: A Secret Heart by Deb Yates


Kelly Mortimer ~ Mortimer Literary Agency

First: Buried Beneath the Midnight Blue by Cynthia Hickey (requested)

Second: Catrin’s Quest by Jan Scarbrough (requested)

Third: Rose Colored Glasses by Tina Butts (synopsis requested)

Fourth: Restoring What the Locusts Have Eaten by Betty Woods

Contemporary Series

Diana Ventimiglia ~ Editorial Assistant, Harlequin Books

First: A Dash of Desire by Teri Brown (partial requested)

Second: Illegally Yours by Lora Kenton

Third: Deadline by Donna McGoldrick

Fourth: The Doctor’s Chateau by Mona Risk

Fifth: Venus in Blue Jeans by Margaret Batschelet

Mainstream with Romantic Elements

Adam Wilson ~ replacement editor for Rebecca Soukis, Red Dress Ink

First: Widow’s Walk by Gracie Stanners

Second: The Truth About Dogs, Men & Politicians by L. Faye Hughes

Third: No Strings Attached by Beth Watson

Fourth: Life, Love and Maggie Baldovino by Jane Myers Perrine

Fifth: I Do…Don’t I? by Beth Watson

Young Adult

Michelle Grajkowski ~ Three Seas Literary Agency

First: Legend of the Fox by Donna Maloy (requested)

Second: Lost and Found by Shoshana Brown (requested)

Third: The Year My Magic Broke by Robyn Enlund (requested)

Fourth: Enter the Parrot by Kiki Opdenberg

Romantic Suspense

Allison Lyons ~ Editor, Harlequin Intrigue

First: The Carnelian Code by Karen Davenport

Second: Man With a Mission by Vivienne Constable

Third: A Deeper Blue by Marjorie Allen

Fourth: Against Doctors Orders by Pat Casiello & Kathie Clare

Single Title

Keyren Gerlach ~ Editorial Assistant, HQN Books

First: My Life As A Star by Ruth Kaufman

Second: Twist of Fate by Amy Baldwin

Third: Double Rainbows by Yvonne Harris

Fourth: The Moon Demon’s Lover by Sheley Wimmer

Fifth: Walk, Trot, Shoot by Bev Pettersen

Specialized ~ Futuristic/Fantasy/Time Travel/Paranormal

Chris Keeslar ~ Senior Editor, Dorchester/Leisure

First: Cracklin’ Rosie by Micqui Miller

Second: Thrill of the Night by Tracey O’Hara

Third: The Wolf Within by Melanie Scott

Fourth: The Stone Warrior by Donna Maloy

Steamy Hot

Laura Barth ~ Editorial Assistant, Harlequin Books

First: Under the Precious Sky by Christie Craig (requested)

Second: Fatal Intuition by Viola Estrella (requested)

Third: Szechuan Sizzle by Kiki Opdenberg (partial requested)

Fourth: Love in Bloom by Micqui Miller