2015 Great Expectations Winners

The Great Expectations 2015 Winners

~ a contest for unpublished works ~

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the winners or the contest, please contact the contest coordinator.



KAREN REID ~ Associate Editor, Harlequin

First: The Trouble With Freddie** by Diana Waldhuber

Second: Wrong Side of Love** by Susan JP Owens

Third: The Right Sister** by Sharla Francis

Honorable Mention: Cordelia and Her Cowboy by Deborah Vlahakes


GABRIELLE KECK ~ Editorial Assistant, Avon / William Morrow

First: The Secret Affairs of a Duke’s Daughter* by Janna MacGregor

Second: A Lady in Shadow by Robin Delany

Third: Love’s Triumph by Jeanine Englert

Honorable Mention: Rescuing Mr. Gracey by Eileen Barnes

Honorable Mention: Love’s Wager by Jeanine Englert


RAELA SCHOENHERR ~ Fiction Acquisitions, Bethany House

First: Lead Me Home by Natalie Monk

Second: The Sacrifice by Megan Besing

Third: Reclaimed by Jennifer Rodewald

Honorable Mention: Healing Grace by Anna Taylor


LAURA FAZIO ~ Assistant Editor, NAL/Penguin Group

First: Between Nowhere and Lost by Alexandra Christle

Second: Waking the Dead by D.B. Sieders

Third: What You Wish For by Gina Wynn

Honorable Mention: Cave Girl by Liz McClure


JULIE MIANECKI ~ Assistant Editor, Berkley Publishing Group

First: A Cruel Kind of Beautiful** by Michelle Hazen

Second: Feel Again** by Carilyn Ballentine

Third: A Not So Sleeping Beauty by Sheryl Kaleo

Honorable Mention: Branded by Robin Delany


ALEX LOGAN ~ Editor, Grand Central Publishing

First: Broken River: Redemption by Lindsay Cross

Second: Wrong Side of Love by Susan JP Owens

Third: Forsworn by Michelle Hazen

Honorable Mention: Stalker by Sidney Bristol


MADELEINE COLAVITA ~ Editorial Assistant, Grand Central Publishing

First: He Love Me, He Loves Me Not by Nicole Evalina

Second: How Not to Be a Tabloid Cover Story by C A Speakman

Third: The First Word by Isley Robinson

Honorable Mention: If I Should Remember by Kirk Van Brunt

SPECIALIZED (Alternate Earth, Dystopian, Fantasy, Futuristic, Paranormal, Time Travel)

KRISTINE SWARTZ ~ Assistant Editor, Berkley Publishing Group

First: Skin Deep* by Margo Bond Collins

Second: Not His Dragon by Annie Nichols

Third: The New London Marriage Stipulation by Margo Bond Collins

Honorable Mention: Awake and Dreaming by Andrea Contos


ALICE JERMAN ~ Assistant Editor, HarperCollins

First: The Nascent Bloom** by Janet Halpin

Second: Song of the Sirens by Carolyn Rogers

Third: Colliding Skies by Debbie Koristz

Honorable Mention: Beest by Debbie Van Brunt


* denotes request for partial manuscript

** denotes request for full manuscript

If you have any questions, please contact the contest coordinator.