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La Hacienda Ranch Restaurant on Hwy 121 in Colleyville, TX unless otherwise specified


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11:00 AM -- Speaker

12:00 PM -- Business Meeting

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Secrets of a Bestselling

Amazon Book Page

Presented by Penny Sansevieri Is your book not selling? It could be your Amazon book page. More and more Amazon book page conversion is a big issue, and it can also impact your Amazon relevancy score. What’s a “relevancy score”? This class will unpack that as well. It’s one thing to have your book up on Amazon, it’s quite another to have a book page that actually sells your book. This session will go over tips and insider information on turning your Amazon book page into a sales machine. We’ll discuss:
  • Your book description: how to make it your #1 sales tool
  • Understanding how Amazon “scans” your page for relevancy
  • Understanding your Amazon relevancy score
  • Running Amazon ads that aren’t converting? We’ll dig into that too and offer some quick remedies to help increase your ad conversion
  • Your book’s tagline: how this helps to sell more books
  • How to get more real estate on your Amazon book page
  • Ways to use Author Central to enhance your book page
  • Using video on your Amazon book page – yes you can
  • Using Author Central to enhance your Amazon Book Page in super creative ways
  • Creative ways to add Amazon keywords to your Amazon book page for better page visibility
  • Amazon also-boughts – why they matter to your page visibility
  • …and much more.
Zoom info available via the NTRW Facebook group or a mailing list communication. Contact our programs director (programs at ntrwa dot org) if you’re not on the FB group or on our mailing list.

Join us SATURDAY MARCH 18 at 11AM

in person at La Hacienda Ranch Restaurant in Colleyville

as we celebrate 4o years as an organization.

Sure , the name has changed, but the people are the same.

Join us as members share their stories of how they came to us.

There will be treats, both the edible kinds as well as the take-home kind.



in person for an all-day



Information to be disseminated to attendees in April.

Sign-up information to come.

Join us January 21, 2023 at 11 in person for

Maria Grace


Writing by the Milestones

Traditionally, authors have divided themselves into two camps: those who outline and plan their works before they write, knowing exactly what is going to happen before they begin and those who sit down with joyful abandon and write without a plan–by the seat of their pants, as it were.

I’ve always admired the planners, aspired to be one. And I’ve tried, oh how I’ve tired. But somewhere along the way, some unruly character gets hold of my pen and runs amok. My outline in shambles, I spend the next 60 or 70K words chasing down that character and feeling very guilty about my lack of authorial discipline.

After chasing enough wayward characters, I had to find a middle ground between plotting and ‘pantsing’ (oh ow I hate that term! It was something the mean girls did to you in gym class…).

Blending an understanding of story structure, creating an in-real-time outline, and ‘cycling’ back through chapters as they were written, gave me a way to find the story milestones to navigate my way through a plot when the characters are dragging me along for the ride.

Join me for a chat about Writing by the Milestones, navigating your story while the characters lead the way.

About the Author

Six time BRAG Medallion Honoree, #1 Best-selling Historical Fantasy author Maria Grace has her PhD in Educational Psychology and is a 16-year veteran of the university classroom where she taught courses in human growth and development, learning, test development and counseling. None of which have anything to do with her undergraduate studies in economics/sociology/managerial studies/behavior sciences. She pretends to be a mild-mannered writer/cat-lady, but most of her vacations require helmets and waivers or historical costumes, usually not at the same time.

She writes gaslamp fantasy, historical romance and non-fiction to help justify her research addiction.

FEB 2023 ~ penny Sansivieri presenting Secrets of a Bestselling Amazon Book Page

MAR 2023 ~ 4oth Anniversary Celebration

APR 2023 ~ Write-In / 3rd Saturday / info to be announced closer to the day

MAY 2023 ~ TBA

JUN 2023 ~ Betty Bolte

Join us Saturday December 10 at 11am


for our

Annual Holiday Gathering

Please bring a random ornament ($10 or less) for the White Elephant Ornament Exchange.

There may be a game. :0)

Wear your favorite holiday sweater, if you’ve got one.

Just come and hang out with writer friends!

JOIN US SATURDAY, OCTOBER 15th at 11am via ZOOM for



Remake Reboot Workshop Description

Put a fresh spin on one of your favorite or (forgotten) films, TV series or fictional stories. Learn how to successfully adapt your favorite characters or stories for the screen or novel format while also expressing your own unique perspectives and interests. Participate in writing exercises, writing prompts and word games guaranteed to jump start your reboot or remake, or inspire you to start writing again! Writers of all levels, genres and creative mediums are welcome!

* * * * *


Erin Coughlin is an award nominated writer, producer and journalist.

As a B.B.C. Guest Commentator she has appeared on several popular TV, radio and podcast programs including The Morning Show and The John Hazel Show. She was also featured on Newsweek’s 2016 “Ones To Watch” List. Erin has created content featured on variety of popular print and media outlets including NBC, Entertainment Weekly, SyFy and The Surge.

She is the founder of Verbiage Media and author of Pop & Fizz’s Double Feature Movie Night Guide (to Romance). She is also the host and moderator of the virtual Jane Austen Romance Book Club. In addition to her work as a Public Program Developer and Guest Speaker, she enjoys providing both writing coach services and workshops to all storytellers and content creators.

You can learn more at her official website www.ecoughlin.com.

Join us Saturday September 17 at 11 am via Zoom for

C. Morgan Kennedy


Turning Your World Building into Marketing

Whether you write contemporary, historical, paranormal, or science fiction – a great story is always rooted in great world building that provides an escape for your readers. This course starts with a quick overview of world building fundamentals and how to structure a series story bible. The majority of the course is spent discussing specific examples of marketing done well and providing creative, low cost, and actionable book marketing strategies.

* * * * *

C. Morgan Kennedy is the author of interracial romance, multicultural cozy mysteries, and steampunk novels. A self-described ‘Blerd’ and Afrofuturist, Morgan puts her Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering to good use imagining all manner of gadgets for her stories. She uses her MBA in her day job as a marketing and business development professional. Through her workshops, she seeks to demystify marketing fundamentals for the writing and small business communities.

* * * * *

Zoom meeting info will be shared on Facebook and via an email or newsletter.

Join us Saturday November 12th at 11 am via Zoom for

Laurie Cooper


Niching Down & Branding

Join author marketing coach Laurie Cooper, of Pub-Craft: Marketing For Books & Brands, as she teaches you how to niche down and brand yourself as a fiction author! This webinar will provide you with the tools to answer questions including: What is my niche and competitive set? What is a brand? How do I use my niche and brand to attract and grow my ideal readership? What do I have to do to keep my branding consistent?

* * * * *

Laurie Cooper launched her online business, Pub-Craft: Marketing for Books and Brands, in October 2013. She helps fiction authors go from struggling, feeling invisible, and not knowing what to do next, to finding and connecting with their ideal readers. In her first year of business, Laurie went from 1 to over 200 clients and helped 100+ authors hit the New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Lists. While she works as a marketing coach with authors from around the world, Laurie calls Ottawa, Canada her home. Learn more about Laurie and her course,The Visible Author Method. Connect on Facebook (#AskPubCraft), Instagram (@pubcraftteam), and find out more about Pub-Craft at www.Pub-Craft.com.

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