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La Hacienda Ranch Restaurant on Hwy 121 in Colleyville, TX unless otherwise specified


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Join us Saturday December 10 at 11am IN PERSON for our

Annual Holiday Gathering

Please bring a random ornament ($10 or less) for the White Elephant Ornament Exchange. There may be a game. :0) Wear your favorite holiday sweater, if you’ve got one. Just come and hang out with writer friends!

JOIN US SATURDAY, OCTOBER 15th at 11am via ZOOM for



Remake Reboot Workshop Description

Put a fresh spin on one of your favorite or (forgotten) films, TV series or fictional stories. Learn how to successfully adapt your favorite characters or stories for the screen or novel format while also expressing your own unique perspectives and interests. Participate in writing exercises, writing prompts and word games guaranteed to jump start your reboot or remake, or inspire you to start writing again! Writers of all levels, genres and creative mediums are welcome!

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Erin Coughlin is an award nominated writer, producer and journalist.

As a B.B.C. Guest Commentator she has appeared on several popular TV, radio and podcast programs including The Morning Show and The John Hazel Show. She was also featured on Newsweek’s 2016 “Ones To Watch” List. Erin has created content featured on variety of popular print and media outlets including NBC, Entertainment Weekly, SyFy and The Surge.

She is the founder of Verbiage Media and author of Pop & Fizz’s Double Feature Movie Night Guide (to Romance). She is also the host and moderator of the virtual Jane Austen Romance Book Club. In addition to her work as a Public Program Developer and Guest Speaker, she enjoys providing both writing coach services and workshops to all storytellers and content creators.

You can learn more at her official website www.ecoughlin.com.

Join us Saturday September 17 at 11 am via Zoom for

C. Morgan Kennedy


Turning Your World Building into Marketing

Whether you write contemporary, historical, paranormal, or science fiction – a great story is always rooted in great world building that provides an escape for your readers. This course starts with a quick overview of world building fundamentals and how to structure a series story bible. The majority of the course is spent discussing specific examples of marketing done well and providing creative, low cost, and actionable book marketing strategies.

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C. Morgan Kennedy is the author of interracial romance, multicultural cozy mysteries, and steampunk novels. A self-described ‘Blerd’ and Afrofuturist, Morgan puts her Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering to good use imagining all manner of gadgets for her stories. She uses her MBA in her day job as a marketing and business development professional. Through her workshops, she seeks to demystify marketing fundamentals for the writing and small business communities.

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Join us Saturday November 12th at 11 am via Zoom for

Laurie Cooper


Niching Down & Branding

Join author marketing coach Laurie Cooper, of Pub-Craft: Marketing For Books & Brands, as she teaches you how to niche down and brand yourself as a fiction author! This webinar will provide you with the tools to answer questions including: What is my niche and competitive set? What is a brand? How do I use my niche and brand to attract and grow my ideal readership? What do I have to do to keep my branding consistent?

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Laurie Cooper launched her online business, Pub-Craft: Marketing for Books and Brands, in October 2013. She helps fiction authors go from struggling, feeling invisible, and not knowing what to do next, to finding and connecting with their ideal readers. In her first year of business, Laurie went from 1 to over 200 clients and helped 100+ authors hit the New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Lists. While she works as a marketing coach with authors from around the world, Laurie calls Ottawa, Canada her home. Learn more about Laurie and her course,The Visible Author Method. Connect on Facebook (#AskPubCraft), Instagram (@pubcraftteam), and find out more about Pub-Craft at www.Pub-Craft.com.

North Texas Romance Writers of America

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Join  us Saturday August 20 at 11 am via Zoom for

Writing Across Generations

As writers we know that every character has their own unique set of aspirations, goals and personality. But those exist within a larger context. Every generation has its own set of expectations, shaping experiences, relationship with technology and ways of interacting that are norms among that cohort.

Marketers study these to hone messages to sell products and services. As authors we can use this information to shape realistic conflicts and build authentic multi-generational relationships among our characters.

We’ll cover each of the generations living today—what experiences shaped them, what makes them unique, how their values conflict with other generations. Join an experienced marketer and fiction writer in this interactive journey to improve how you write across generations.

* * * * *

Jenna Grinstead is a whimsical Midwesterner with a penchant for magic and a deep desire for a world where the weird and different are embraced and celebrated.

She is a graduate of The Ohio State University where she studied journalism. She found a way to turn her imagination and creativity into a career in marketing, while writing contemporary romance, young adult and middle grade fiction. She often conducts workshops and speaks on writing, world-building, social media and marketing.

Jenna is a member of The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, Central Ohio Fiction Writers, Romance Writer’s of America and Women’s Fiction Writers Association. Her young adult romance manuscripts have won several regional writing awards, including The Maggie and The Indiana Golden Opportunity.

When she’s not plotting her next story you can find her devouring novels and mint chocolate chip ice cream in her house with California Poppies painted across the garage.

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on July 16, 2002 at 11 AM

for Stuck in the Middle

by Tere Michaels

This class focuses specifically on the middle of your story, the bulk of the action that takes place after the set-up and builds up until you reach your “disembarking point” and the book’s ending.

  • How do you crank up conflict and emotion without writing yourself into a corner?
  • How do you fulfill the promise of your beginning (and your blurb), to deliver the book you’ve promised readers?
  • How do you keep readers emotionally engaged without having to use tricks and red herrings to make sure those pages keep turning?

Whatever your process—from highly detailed outlines to seat-of-your-pants writing, and everything in between—this class will help you build a framework for a successful, satisfying book. We will map out the high points (and low points) of the middle of your book. We will discuss how your “midpoint” is not exactly in the middle, nor does it indicate one moment in time. And we’ll help you decide precisely how to shake up the world you’ve created (so you can fix it in time for the end).

* * * * *

Tere Michaels writes happily ever afters in the big city with heaps of snark, angst and humor. Her focus is on characters and all the ridiculous ways they trip through life and love. She has written fifteen books including her popular Faith, Love & Devotion series and the superhero saga, The Vigilante. Her new series is Broadway or Bust.

She has been presenting workshops on the writing process for ten years. She has taught at RT Booklovers Convention, Liberty States Create Something Magical Conference, RWA online classes, and done presentations and workshops for chapters of RWA, Liberty States, Sisters in Crime, and Horror Writers of America. She taught and managed RT Booklovers Convention Boot Camp. Currently she is a plot whisperer/consultant/developmental editor and teaches frequently at SavvyAuthors.

Send her a message through her website (www.teremichaels.com) or connect with her on Instagram and Facebook.

We’re meeting in person on June 18, but there won’t be a speaker.

Bring your writing / publishing issues with you and we’ll break out in small groups to chat and brainstorm.

Gathering begins @ 10AM.


Spotting Trends and Profitable Markets For Romance Authors: Latest Market Research To Up Your Game

In this session, Alex Newton from K-lytics will open his book market data vault to share latest insights from the romance market. Alex will help us maneuver through the Amazon jungle of sales ranks, categories, keywords, pricing, KU vs. Non-KU, trends, competition, profitable tropes, high-selling covers, and more. Alex makes data palatable and fun. So if you love to write but hate math, this event is for you.

Non-members are welcome to attend! Register here.

* * * * *

About Alex

Alex Newton is the founder of K-lytics.com, a leading provider of book market research. His Genre Reports and Amazon category performance database have made the power of “Big Data” accessible to individual authors and smaller publishing houses. Alex’s research from analyzing millions of books over the last seven years has helped thousands of authors to spot opportunities, sell books in attractive market niches, and optimize their book marketing.

Alex spent more than 20-years in top management consulting for Fortune 500 companies. He lives in Switzerland with his wife and daughter and looks forward to joining us to share his latest insights. Want to get a taste of Alex’s research beforehand? – Get the free Christmas Romance report and seminar at => http://k-lytics.com/christmas


Please join us March 19, 2022 at 11am for

(this will be a two-hour presentation)

Allie Pleiter Presenting

The Chunky Method

The Chunky Method identifies and wields your unique style and speed into a clear step-by-step program to get the work done. No stuffing your style into someone else’s frustrating structure! You’ll feel the energy that happens when you build success upon success. We’ll work together to formulate a perfect, personalized plan that won’t fail because it’s built around how you naturally write.

This program gives you everything you need to:

~ Accurately discover your “Chunk”—the key to your productivity

~ Uncover the unique traits that make writing possible for you

~ Plot a path to completion that works in the real world

~ Fine-tune that plan with me so that it works even better than before

In as little as 4 to 8 weeks, you can have a solid, personalized plan for how to finish that book.


Bestselling international author Allie Pleiter honed her talents in the world of popular fiction, where she still releases multiple books a year. Allie has over 50 published titles to her name, and over 1.5 million Allie Pleiter fiction and non-fiction books have been sold around the world.

Her well-known Chunky Method system trains writers at every level to formulate plans and meet deadlines in a way tailored to their unique working style. Allie runs an active coaching practice helping writers and all kinds of creative people be more productive, as well as training productive people to be more creative. Already a national speaker among writing associations, Allie now extends her reach to entrepreneurs, speakers, consultants, and anyone who needs to bolster their productivity and creativity in a demanding marketplace.

Allie is an avid knitter, confirmed coffee junkie and firm believer that “pie makes everything better.” She holds a BS in Speech from Northwestern University and lives in the suburbs of Chicago with her husband and the world’s most adorable dog.

Link to buy books that go with program:
Here’s a link to the book.
And to the series, if people also want to order HOW TO WRITE WHEN IT ALL GOES WRONG.

An intro video to the Chunky Method!