Carolyn Contest Update

Carolyn Contest Update

Due to a myriad of circumstances that delayed our ability to start sending books to judges on time, we are running about a month behind that schedule.

We didn’t notify the authors earlier because we hoped our judges would be able to read fast enough to make up the lost time at the beginning.

Now that we are at the date to announce finalists, we have found that just isn’t the case, as we have so many wonderful entries and we want our judges to be able to carefully consider their scores rather than rush them, maintaining our contest’s integrity, which we are known for.

What does this mean for you? Other than a delayed timeline, nothing about the contest has changed.
Please see the revised timeline below:

  • May 5: Finalists notified via email
  • May 6: Finalists officially announced
  • May 6-June 1: Final Round Judging
  • June 5: Winners notified via email
  • June 6: Winners officially announced