NTRWA Contests

NTRWA sponsors two contests each year:


The Carolyn Readers Choice Award (for published works)

The Carolyn Award was created in 2013 to honor Carolyn Williamson, a founding member of the North Texas chapter of RWA. She has served the chapter in almost every capacity and is one of the earliest members of RWA as well.

Since 1983, Carolyn has pursued her dream of being a published romance author. She faithfully writes and attends meetings, workshops, and conferences in pursuit of the knowledge that will turn her dream into reality.

Her dedication and perseverance is an inspiration to many.

The Carolyn Readers Choice Award Contest information


Great Expectations (for unpublished works)

The Great Expectations contest was for unpublished material, from published and pre-published authors alike.

The Great Expectations had a run of seventeen years, thanks to some very dedicated chapter members over the years, including, most notably, Angi Platt and Lisa Fenley.

Sadly, due to the amount of work this contest requires and not enough resources to do it, the contest is suspended for the foreseeable future.