February 2023 Meeting Information

February 2023 Meeting Information


via ZOOM for

Secrets of a Bestselling

Amazon Book Page

Presented by Penny Sansevieri

Is your book not selling? It could be your Amazon book page. More and more Amazon book page conversion is a big issue, and it can also impact your Amazon relevancy score. What’s a “relevancy score”? This class will unpack that as well.

It’s one thing to have your book up on Amazon, it’s quite another to have a book page that actually sells your book. This session will go over tips and insider information on turning your Amazon book page into a sales machine.

We’ll discuss:

  • Your book description: how to make it your #1 sales tool
  • Understanding how Amazon “scans” your page for relevancy
  • Understanding your Amazon relevancy score
  • Running Amazon ads that aren’t converting? We’ll dig into that too and offer some quick remedies to help increase your ad conversion
  • Your book’s tagline: how this helps to sell more books
  • How to get more real estate on your Amazon book page
  • Ways to use Author Central to enhance your book page
  • Using video on your Amazon book page – yes you can
  • Using Author Central to enhance your Amazon Book Page in super creative ways
  • Creative ways to add Amazon keywords to your Amazon book page for better page visibility
  • Amazon also-boughts – why they matter to your page visibility
  • …and much more.

Zoom info available via the NTRW Facebook group or a mailing list communication. Contact our programs director (programs at ntrwa dot org) if you’re not on the FB group or on our mailing list.