GetPublished! Previous Programming

Get Published! with NTRWA this yearGetPublished! Programming is presented most months prior to the general meeting, from 10:00am to 10:20am/10:30am.

All members and guests are welcome to attend even if they are already published.

If you have requests, please contact : getpublished @ ntrwa . org. (remove all the spaces)





2021 Topics

Jan 2021 — Kimberly Packard, Vellum

Feb 2021 — Jennifer Looft, Making the Most of Writers Retreats

Mar 2021 — Lisa Fenley & Jen FitzGerald, series guides/bibles

Apr 2021 — Jen Geigle Johnson, virtual assistants

May 2021 — Devin Ochoa, social media ads

Jun 2021 — TBD

Jul 2021 — TBD

Aug 2021 — TBD

Sep 2021 — TBD

Oct 2021 — TBD

Nov 2021 — TBD


2020 Topics

Jan 2020 — Priya Ardis, Successful Book Launch Promotional Strategies

Feb 2020 — Susan Sheehey, Self-Editing Checklist & How to Hire An Editor

Mar 2020 — no Get Published program in March due to the onset of COVID closures

Apr 2020 — Jen Geigle Johnson, How to Manage a Successful Hybrid Career

May 2020 — Jen FitzGerald, Published… With Books!, a discussion on how to start your own publishing company

Jun 2020 — Lisa Fenley and The Southlake Writers Group, The Benefits of Critique Groups and How to Find Your Critique Partners

Jul 2020 — Priya Ardis, Author Branding

Aug 2020 — Panel Discussion, Q&A of Burning Publishing Questions

Sep 2020 – Jennifer Looft: Staying on Track with your Writing Goals During Trying Times

Oct 2020 – Amanda Reid: The Dreaded Blurb: Crafting Back Cover Copy to Improve Sales

Nov 2020 – NT Panel: Audra Lewandowski, Susie Sheehey, Chrissy Szarek, Jen FitzGerald: The Cheapskates Guide to Advertising and Promotion


2019 Topics

Jan – Clover Autrey, taking advantage of drive time–dictating in your car

Feb – Regina Richards, quick tutorial on the craft of dictation

Mar – C.A. Szarek, going to conferences–how many, which ones, why, preparation

Apr – Susie Sheehey, writing and publishing around working and life’s challenges

May – Audra Lewandowski, business plans

Jun – Jen Geigle Johnson, blogging and newsletters

Jul – Carolyn Williamson, time management

Aug – C.A. Szarek, print publishing options

Sep – GP! Coordinator & Participants: “I Have a Manuscript. Now What Do I Do?”

Oct – C.A. Szarek, e-book formatting


2018 Topics

Feb – Cindy Dees, story structure and how to drop in the “big” story points

Mar – Chrissy Szarek, self editing

Apr – Angi Morgan, making scenery a character

May – Chelsea Mueller, EU/GDPR regulations

Jun – Clover Autrey, writing author bios

Jul – Chris Keniston, indie publishing is a business

Aug – Jen FitzGerald, aggregators and ISBNs

Sep – Fenley Grant, mastering the contest circuit

Oct – Cindy Dees, submitting to a publisher