March 2022 Meeting Information

March 2022 Meeting Information


Please join us March 19, 2022 at 11am for

(this will be a two-hour presentation)

Allie Pleiter Presenting

The Chunky Method

The Chunky Method identifies and wields your unique style and speed into a clear step-by-step program to get the work done. No stuffing your style into someone else’s frustrating structure! You’ll feel the energy that happens when you build success upon success. We’ll work together to formulate a perfect, personalized plan that won’t fail because it’s built around how you naturally write.

This program gives you everything you need to:

~ Accurately discover your “Chunk”—the key to your productivity

~ Uncover the unique traits that make writing possible for you

~ Plot a path to completion that works in the real world

~ Fine-tune that plan with me so that it works even better than before

In as little as 4 to 8 weeks, you can have a solid, personalized plan for how to finish that book.


Bestselling international author Allie Pleiter honed her talents in the world of popular fiction, where she still releases multiple books a year. Allie has over 50 published titles to her name, and over 1.5 million Allie Pleiter fiction and non-fiction books have been sold around the world.

Her well-known Chunky Method system trains writers at every level to formulate plans and meet deadlines in a way tailored to their unique working style. Allie runs an active coaching practice helping writers and all kinds of creative people be more productive, as well as training productive people to be more creative. Already a national speaker among writing associations, Allie now extends her reach to entrepreneurs, speakers, consultants, and anyone who needs to bolster their productivity and creativity in a demanding marketplace.

Allie is an avid knitter, confirmed coffee junkie and firm believer that “pie makes everything better.” She holds a BS in Speech from Northwestern University and lives in the suburbs of Chicago with her husband and the world’s most adorable dog.

Link to buy books that go with program:
Here’s a link to the book.
And to the series, if people also want to order HOW TO WRITE WHEN IT ALL GOES WRONG.

An intro video to the Chunky Method!