October 2022 Meeting Information

October 2022 Meeting Information

JOIN US SATURDAY, OCTOBER 15th at 11am via ZOOM for



Remake Reboot Workshop Description

Put a fresh spin on one of your favorite or (forgotten) films, TV series or fictional stories. Learn how to successfully adapt your favorite characters or stories for the screen or novel format while also expressing your own unique perspectives and interests. Participate in writing exercises, writing prompts and word games guaranteed to jump start your reboot or remake, or inspire you to start writing again! Writers of all levels, genres and creative mediums are welcome!

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Erin Coughlin is an award nominated writer, producer and journalist.

As a B.B.C. Guest Commentator she has appeared on several popular TV, radio and podcast programs including The Morning Show and The John Hazel Show. She was also featured on Newsweek’s 2016 “Ones To Watch” List. Erin has created content featured on variety of popular print and media outlets including NBC, Entertainment Weekly, SyFy and The Surge.

She is the founder of Verbiage Media and author of Pop & Fizz’s Double Feature Movie Night Guide (to Romance). She is also the host and moderator of the virtual Jane Austen Romance Book Club. In addition to her work as a Public Program Developer and Guest Speaker, she enjoys providing both writing coach services and workshops to all storytellers and content creators.

You can learn more at her official website www.ecoughlin.com.