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Please join us July 15th for


Inka Nisinbaum

Motivational Speaker

Do you know this feeling when you sit down, start typing and every cell of your body just knows: This is going to be a bestseller! And then, the next day, you sit in front of the same PC, the same story and you think “I should never write anything other than a grocery list ever again.”

Doubt is part of writing. Everybody doubts him- or herself, famous authors, and not yet famous authors. Everybody. And once you overcome your doubt, your book is done, the rejection letters will start flying in.

Writing is hard. It’s a tough business, but there are ways to overcome doubt and the feeling of defeat. Based on experience and a Master in Psychology Inka can teach you how to get where you want to be: Writing your second published book.

Everything is possible! You just have to be brave enough to make it happen.


Inka Nisinbaum is originally from Germany. She has a Master in Psychology, worked in a juvenile prison, with schizophrenic patients in Vienna/Austria up until 2009 when she and her husband moved to the United States.

Arriving in the states, not being able to work right away as a psychologist, Inka fulfilled a long-lived dream of hers - becoming a published author in Germany by writing her memoir. When Inka was born she was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis and a life expectancy of four years. When she turned 23 she had a double lung and liver transplant, saving her life but also leaving her broken and not able to trust in her body or life anymore.

Needless to say, Inka overcame her doubts and got back on her feet. In 2013 she became the only woman worldwide who had a baby after a double lung and liver transplant.

Right now, Inka is writing her second English novel, is cursing the English language from time to time, is on the lookout for her first American literary agent, and inspiring people with her motivational talks on how to raise above all, and become the person you want to be – even if it’s a writer.

Hope to see you there!

Come to the meeting prepared to have a good time!

Doors open at 10:00.